Welcome to The K+S Film Club!

The Kicking + Screening Film Club, launched in December 2018, is our ongoing project to connect the community of soccer film fans in new and interesting ways and to deliver more soccer films to more people.

Membership in K+S FC provides multiple benefits, including:

  • a monthly newsletter;

  • exclusive access to films, articles, and experiences;

  • special offers on films, event tickets, gear, and more;

  • opportunities to engage with tastemakers in the soccer industry;

  • an open invitation to help us shape K+S going forward.

K+S FC is one of the ways we are helping to connect the North American soccer community we love. But it’s only strong and valuable if other people gets involved. Together, we can — and will — make this community bigger, better, and more worth everyone's time.

Please spread the word to anyone you think might enjoy being a part of the club.