Introducing the K+S Film Club

ksfc banner.png

For the past decade, Kicking + Screening has organized the premier soccer film festival in North America. We're proud of this.

Recently, we've started to expand our thinking about what K+S can be and what it can provide for people. Truth is, we've always seen K+S as a big community project, not just as a festival or a film distributor.

Today, the K+S Media Group is doubling-down on our passion for the community with the launch of K+S FC -- the Kicking + Screening Film Club.

Although we believe that the FC stands for Film Club, in reality, the "FC" could stand for many other things — Football Club, Fan Community, Football Culture, Fuzzy Cleats. The point is, it's meant to be flexible and reflect anyone’s POV. Your POV. That's why we have chosen K+S FC as the embodiment of our efforts to support and grow the soccer film and soccer culture communities going forward.

K+S FC is an ambitious project we are launching to help connect the community of soccer film fans in new and interesting ways and to deliver more soccer films to more people.

Over the next few months, as we roll out K+S FC further, we will share more info and you will receive more chances to engage with us. For example, we're planning an official K+S FC logo, and we want your help designing it. We're also scheduling social meet-ups, designing fresh gear, and, of course, organizing film and cultural events.

Subscribers to our newsletter are automatically members of K+S FC. (Congratulations!) Membership includes:

  • a monthly newsletter;

  • exclusive access to films, articles, and experiences;

  • special offers on films, event tickets, gear, and more;

  • opportunities to engage with tastemakers in the soccer industry;

  • an open invitation to help us shape K+S going forward.

We are very excited about K+S FC. We love the North American soccer community we're part of, but we think we're all only getting started. Together, we can make this community bigger, better, and more worth everyone's time, and we hope K+S FC can help.

So please spread the word to anyone you think might enjoy it. New members of the K+S FC who sign up before January 1 will be automatically entered in a raffle to win a super cool K+S gift, such as a K+S Media Group cap and tickets to K+S Soccer Film Festival in New York.