NEW RELEASE: Award-winning documentary "Soka Afrika" now available to stream via K+S!

For some young soccer players in Africa, signing with a club in Europe is not just a dream; it's the only dream.


It is a hard dream to realize, with countless pitfalls, from unscrupulous agents to injuries, broken promises to family shame.

Soka Afrika, which won the "Golden Whistle" award at the 2011 Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival, explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of soccer immigration from Africa to Europe, as seen through the journeys of two young players, Kermit Erasmus from South Africa and Ndomo Sabo from Cameroon.

74 Min | England | 2011 | English | Director: Suridh Hassan | Producer: Simon Laub | Executive Producer: Sam Potter & Ryo Sanada


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