K+S will be at "GOLASO - UNION" football celebration in London, July 10-15

As most of you know, we love to partner with and support soccer people around the world who are doing cool, creative stuff to celebrate the game and explore its culture. Keith Foggan, the founder of GOLASO, a soccer-focused creative studio in London, is one of those types of people.

Which is why we're supporting GOLASO - UNION, a week-long celebration of football-inspired creativity being held in London to coincide with the final week of the World Cup.

Running from July 10-15, GOLASO - UNION presents a series of exhibitions, talks, watch parties, and, yes, soccer films.

That's where K+S comes in. On Saturday, July 14, we will co-present with football streetwear brand Guerrilla FC the film Short Plays. We have never shown this collection of soccer short films before at any of our festivals, and we are thrilled to do so now. 


Short Plays is a collection of 21 short films made by 21 directors, exploring soccer in 21 nations. The project was curated and organized by Mexican director Daniel Gruener.

Among the films are works directed by Vincent Gallo (yes, that Vincent Gallo), Gaspar Noe (7 Days in Havana), Fernando Eimbcke (Temporada de Patos), Carlos Reygadas (Light After Darkness), Duane Hopkins (Better Things), and Doris Dörrie (Am I Beautiful?).

Short Plays screens at 12 noon on July 14.


"It is amazing to have Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival involved in GOLASO - UNION," Foggan says. "The goal of our event overall is to celebrate the variety and depth of creativity in and around football culture, and Kicking + Screening have given us the chance to showcase directors from across the world, across numerous genres -- all linked to their passion for the game."

Other events at GOLASO - UNION include a photo exhibition from Football Beyond Borders titled "City of Nations," and panel discussions about football and fashion, one hosted by Internaotional's Naomi Accardi and another hosted by Season Editor-in-Chief Felicia Pennant.

All the GOLASO - UNION events take place at the pop-up space Unit 8, Old Street Station, in Shoreditch (MAP).